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Our new home

Such good fortune! InnoWork is relocating to a new home in Mures.

The current office served for almost 1 year, but now it’s time to grow(up) in a new place. InnoWork team is embarking on a multiyear effort to design a new home with a new partner in crime, the Gloobus team. We will be creating a place to network and to learn, a place to congregate and to connect. We will be building community.

Located close to the Sports Arena, on Tamas Erno, the new home incorporates the needs identified in the community

  • More flexible desks to accommodate new members
  • Private office for teams of 3-4 members
  • A space to hold seminars and presentations
  • Member access to additional space and valuable resources that will enhance work capabilities and networking opportunities

In addition, the transition of the space ownership to our partner Gloobus allows the InnoWork to focus on community, doing more, managing costs, driving direct member value. That’s what the new home affords.

You will find us there starting with 24th April.

Stay Updated
Check out our latest updates for our most recent progress. We also will be posting news through our social media channels, e-mail. Questions? E-mail us at

Cheers and see ya’ there 😉


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InnoWork founder, Techie, self-driven, that seeks to empower people through my day to day job and by founding and growing communities as InnoWork, TechDrive and Startup Weekend.
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